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Workplace Mediation

Would you like to reduce absence percentages, improve productivity and help your employees feel listened to and valued?

Making Mediation available could be your answer to a more fulfilled workforce. Happy workers are 12% more productive (University of Warwick).

Companies that invest in employee support such as Google have seen a 37% increase in employee satisfaction when surveyed. Employee mediation is a proven strategy to quickly and cost effectively resolve conflict and restore wellbeing and productivity.

Employees feel valued when they have a voice; feeling heard empowers employees to take greater accountability, for their actions, so when a situation gets out of control offering mediation, as a tool to resolve their issues, could be just the answer you are looking for.

Mediation services for business

Mediation could help you avoid an employment tribunal. Taking the legal route is not only extremely long winded and hugely expensive it disrupts your work force. It can cause rifts between team members and isolate the people involved which makes matters feel much worse.

Then there is lost time; time away from the shop-floor. Time when you should be managing your business is spent having conversations with lawyers, taking statements and preparing documents.

Then there is the cost of an Employment Tribunal it will cost your business £1000’s. An Employment Lawyer will request £1000’s to consider a case for just £1,500 The Mediation People will offer you a full day of mediation and produce a Memorandum of Understanding.

In just one day the issue could be resolved – what a refreshing thought.

Let The Mediation People Help your employees resolve their differences, issues and conflicts; get them back to work swiftly, get them producing excellent results once again.

We will help you to identify the problems, support negotiations and deliver lasting resolutions for your work place disputes.

What does Workplace and Employee / Employment mediation cost?

As employee and workplace mediation is varied please contact us to discuss a guaranteed fixed fee.

As your case is unique to you, fees available on request - please call us.

Customer Testimonials

  • Hi Tracie,

    Firstly, may I just say "thank you" for acting as Mediator during a recent work issue. Your understanding of the human psyche was apparent and your ability to remain impartial was essential to our journey.

    This week has been completely different here in terms of conversations undertaken thus far. I feel the session last week has made me stop and evaluate my responses in a more courteous manner, understanding also that my sense of humour is, at best warped, and sometimes misconstrued. I am trying to be kind instead of impatient to different styles.

    I thank you for your insight, guidance and support.

  • I would like to thank you for the mediation. I feel it has helped me address the issues by discussing them, and I now feel more confident to challenge when I have concerns. Thanks you very much.

    Northampton Business
  1. What is a workplace mediation service?
  2. How does mediation work in the workplace?
  3. What are the benefits of mediation in the workplace?
  4. What is Collective or Employment mediation?
  5. What are the mediation techniques?
  6. How can mediation resolve conflict?
  7. What is the difference between negotiation and mediation?
  8. What do you wear to mediation?
  9. Is a report or are recommendations provided for the employer?
  10. Is there any follow up?

Resolving workplace disputes

Hiring an experienced workplace mediator is extremely popular with HR professionals as it reduces stress, resolves conflict amicably, restores working relationships and takes substantially less time than conducting a formal grievance.

Mediation in a business environment can be extremely helpful in cases where there is a dispute but both employees are willing to resolve their differences without grievances or potential disciplinaries.

What is the workplace mediation process?

Workplace mediation is usually initiated by senior management or the HR department rather than the conflicted parties themselves.

There is no rigid formula to mediation and workplace mediators will adopt a flexible strategy to suit the specific situation.
In some cases all parties will sit around a table and discuss the issue in an open forum, using the mediator as an impartial chair.
In other cases, the mediator can work with the parties separately and pass correspondence back and forth between them until a resolution is reached.

Unlike the rigidity of a legal route - trained mediators will often use their experience to develop practical and innovative solutions to complex problems and have much more flexibility when considering remedies.

Workplace Mediation in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

We have specialist local mediators available across Bedford, Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Northampton, Aylesbury and Chesham.

If you have unhappy employees or conflict within a team - our local professional mediators can help restore harmony and productivity.
Workplace mediation is a completely voluntary and confidential method of resolving disputes between employees.

We've provided our mediation for business service all over Herts, Beds and Bucks. Mediation has many benefits - resolving conflict in the workplace, maintaining positivity and managing the stress of your employees.

Workplace Mediation across Leicestershire and Warwickshire

We also have trained mediators covering Nuneaton, Leicester, Coventry, Rugby and Hinckley.

If you're looking for a trained workplace mediator or workplace mediation services and are based in any of the areas above - we can help you.
Mediation at work can improve absence by enabling a happy workforce.

All of our expert mediators are friendly, approachable and impartial - they won't take sides with one party but will work closely with them to try and achieve a resolution that everyone is satisfied with.

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