Family Mediation 

Divorce and Separation 

Has communication broken down? Do you need a C100 form to move forward? Are the financial issues too difficult to think about? How will the children be cared for? Do you need a parenting plan? 
Need some help working things out ready for court? Or do you need a document between yourselves to refer to when needed? We can help you to put your plans down on paper and support you through one of the most difficult times of your lives in a caring and compassionate way. 

Military Families 

Living in a military environment can bring additional stresses to family life; there are constraints to family life that those outside the military might not understand. Life and family decisions normally made by the couple are often taken away as you must abide by the needs of the military and their expectations. When divorcing or separating the usual issues can be further exasperated by operational tempo. 
Let us help you navigate through one of the most difficult times in your lives and support you to find the solution that suits your family. 

Other Family issues: 

There are many reasons for turning to mediation. 
Have you got a relationship with a friend or family member that has broken down but you want to find a resolution? Is your family arguing about inheritance or maybe it's the care of a family member that is causing your family to fall out? The Mediation People can help. 
Are you a Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle that would like to stay in touch with a member of your extended family? Mediation could provide you with a solution. 
We can help all parties to find a lasting satisfactory conclusion; An agreement that everyone will be happy with. 
Let us help you repair broken relationships and support you to move forward. 
Families who mediate together stay together 

Start your mediation journey 

We can help you reach an amicable decision and move on to a better place in your lives. 
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