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Mediation in Leamington Spa

Professional Mediation Services

Local Mediation in Leamington Spa

Professional mediation is a proven and effective method of reconciling and working through difficulties with family members and previous partners.

The Mediation People work across all of Warwickshire, offering mediation services in Leamington Spa and its surrounding areas.

Research has shown that mediation is much more cost-effective, less stressful and faster than negotiating through a solicitor or using a family court.

Mediation in Leamington Spa is hassle free: click here to see our Warwickshire mediators available locations and learn a bit about her.

Making the decision to use a professional mediator does not mean you relinquish control of the situation - it is in fact extremely empowering and allows you to work through things in your own way and on your own schedule.

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What Can We Do For You?

The Mediation People deliver confidential mediation as a method of bringing together two or more parties by encouraging them to identify common goals.

Customer Testimonials

  • I was so incredibly nervous, but you really helped me feel at ease and keep it together to say what I needed to say - and I said it all! It's actually made me feel more confident in general and able to enjoy my life a bit more - which is pretty lovely too.

    So thank you once again, I know that you said you were due a tricky week this week. I really hope that all is going as well as can be expected.

  • I was not sure if mediation was for me, but you made it easy for me to discuss my situation, in the warm, comfortable environment you provided.

    Just talking to you helped to put things into perspective and the information you provided gave me options to help me resolve my issues.

    I feel much more positive for the future.

  • Thanks to Tracie myself and ex husband were able to reach an amicable agreement on our finances - when we had previously been in stalemate.

    There was never a sense that Tracie was on anyone's side, it just needed someone other than me to explain it to him - and vice versa with his concerns

    I wholeheartedly recommend Tracie.

  • Tracie (with an IE not Y) naturally relaxes people and puts them at ease quickly. She is friendly, approachable and puts 100% into everything she does.

    She will ask probing and thoughtful questions that will open your mind and get to the probable root causes of the subject you are talking about.

    Tracie has supported me on numerous occasions and each time we have had a clear strategy to move forward.


Who benefits from mediation?

Mediation services are often employed after a difficult divorce or separation to resolve conflicts involving children, property, finances or the rights of other relations.

In these difficult and combative situations people often resort to solicitors and legal action immediately which can actually result in additional stress and unanticipated problems.

Legal costs can mount up quickly and unexpectedly and in the case of financial disputes reduce the amount won in settlements once they are deducted. Utilising solicitors can also be a time consuming and frustrating process, and can often make the situation more adversarial.

Mediation in comparison has many benefits:

  • Confidentiality: Mediation is an entirely confidential service between the involved parties and the mediator.
  • Impartiality: Professional mediators are not there to side with one party or pass judgement on who is right and wrong; their job is to help arrive at a mutually agreeable decision.
  • Empowerment: As mediation is voluntary sessions can be arranged when convenient for both parties and at any point the decision can be made to withdraw from the process.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Involving lawyers and taking matters to court can take months and even years to complete - all the time increasing legal costs. By resolving matters amicably often a mediator can reach a resolution in just a few hours.

Family Mediation in Leamington Spa

Mediation can be particularly beneficial when children are involved.
Professional mediation can involve the children themselves in every stage of the process, addressing any concerns that the child may have as well as the parents.

Mediators are adept at handling delicate matters and can help avoid damaging memories for children that they can carry for their entire lives.

If you're looking for a professional family mediator in Royal Leamington Spa - get started today with our free initial consultation session.

We also offer mediation services across the rest of Warwickshire.

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We can help you reach an amicable decision and move on to a better place in your lives.