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Employee Mediation

Professional employee mediation

The team at The Mediation People can help in the resolution of difficult employee issues and optimise working relationships going forward, leading to greater success and wellbeing.

Workplace disputes can arise due to a poor, or a complete lack of communication between employees.
Using a formal grievance process may not always be the best solution as this results in a "winner" and a "loser." Invariably the party that "lost" in this process will still feel aggrieved; resulting in the conflict continuing or even escalating.

Employee mediation, on the other hand, involves an open and confidential dialogue at an early stage; encouraging the conflicting parties to discuss and resolve their dispute between themselves - usually resolving in a successful, sustainable outcome.

Workplace mediation can be used to resolve a huge range of situations, below are a few examples:

  • Communication problems between employees
  • Clashes in personality or management style
  • Perceptions of unfair treatment
  • Low-level harassment, bullying or discrimination

Employee mediation can be a fast, cost-effective way of dealing with disputes in the workplace. A skilled mediator will quickly identify key issues and establish what outcomes both parties are looking to achieve.

Mediation is extremely flexible and there are no set timelines or rules in place for resolving a conflict - mediation can be used at the outset of a grievance, before or during litigation or for long-standing disagreements between colleagues.

Customer Testimonials

  • Hi Tracie,

    Firstly, may I just say "thank you" for acting as Mediator during a recent work issue. Your understanding of the human psyche was apparent and your ability to remain impartial was essential to our journey.

    This week has been completely different here in terms of conversations undertaken thus far. I feel the session last week has made me stop and evaluate my responses in a more courteous manner, understanding also that my sense of humour is, at best warped, and sometimes misconstrued. I am trying to be kind instead of impatient to different styles.

    I thank you for your insight, guidance and support.

  • I would like to thank you for the mediation. I feel it has helped me address the issues by discussing them, and I now feel more confident to challenge when I have concerns. Thanks you very much.

    Northampton Business

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