About Us 

The Mediation People 

What makes us different from other Mediation services? 

The Mediation People is a family run business. We are not a franchise; should you invite the Mediation People to navigate and support you through your current situation you will meet with either Tracie or Deborah at a time that suits you including evenings and weekends. 
Tracie & Deborah met while at school and as we have navigated our way through the twists and turns of life’s journey it has provided us with a wealth of real experiences; both personal and professional. 
Mediators that understand your situation 
We both have genuine experience of divorce, separation, cohabitation, bereavement, terminal illness, same sex relationships and the complexities and worries that a disability can bring. We have negotiated the pressures of raising a family and guiding children through change, loss, transitions and all the other day to day pressures that they face in this ever changing, on-line, world. Most recently we have taken on grand-parent duties. 
Professionally, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of working with people struggling with mental health issues. We understand how this can impact on relationships and how divorce and separation can impact on your mental health. 
We have a vast experience of resolving work place disputes; between line a manager and colleague, bullying in the work place and the failure to uphold employment law, with our speciality being mediating parties through allegations of unfair treatment. Our wealth of knowledge and experience has been gained while working for two of the largest, most respected, organisations in the UK. 

What are The Mediation People Offering You? 

The Mediation People deliver, confidential mediation, as a method of bringing together two or more parties by encouraging them to identify common goals. 
Deborah and Tracie will support you to reach decisions in a fair, balanced and frank way; everyone is given an equal platform to share their thoughts, views and feelings regardless of who instigated the process. When one person speaks the other will be encouraged to actively listen. It is, most definitely, not a case that only those who shout loudest will be heard. The Mediation People are always impartial. 
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