Reach a better place 

Use Mediation to resolve conflict and to agree a lasting solution. 

Reach a better place 

Use Mediation to resolve conflict and to agree a lasting solution. 

Reach a better place 

Use Mediation to resolve conflict and to agree a lasting solution. 

Looking For A Mediator? 

Use our family arbitration service to resolve conflict and to agree a lasting solution. 

Find Us 

We offer mediation services across a wide area of the South East of England. 
Click below to find your closest mediator. 

Consultation with No Charge 

We can help you reach agreement. Arrange your 15 minute initial consultation with no charge. 

What are the benefits of Mediation? 

Costs on average 75% less than taking the legal route. 
Mediation sessions are fair, impartial and confidential. 
Work around your schedule, choose a time that suits you. 
Reach an amicable decision swiftly and preserve relationships. 
We can help you come to a mutual agreement 

Family Mediation made easy 

Mediation is a confidential method of bringing together two or more parties in a calm, safe and relaxed environment, to enable you to reach a lasting solution to your unique situation. 

Divorce or Family Mediation 

It provides you with choice and the power to negotiate which is vital when faced with making life changing decisions. Mediation helps you look to the future with confidence and hope. 
Mediation is voluntary, but it is recommended and supported by the Family Division of the High Court as a satisfactory method of resolving family disputes. However, you are free to withdraw from the process at any time, to seek an alternative route to resolve your dispute. 
Can't meet face to face for any reason? 

Online Mediation Service 

It’s easy and convenient, with no need to travel - our online mediation service is a great way to participate in your initial meeting called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). We offer FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp video where you can tell us about your situation in your own words. 
For more information on our online or face to face mediation services, please contact us  
using the form below 

Professional Mediation Services 

Divorce and Separation Mediation 

Has communication within your relationship broken down? Is your relationship coming to an end? Are your financial issues too difficult and complicated for you to think about let alone resolve? 
The Mediation People are here to help you work through a difficult divorce or separation; we can help you to put your plans in place, so you can look to the future and not worry about the past. 

Extended Family Mediation (Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents) 

Are you falling out about inheritance or caring for someone? Are you a grandparent, aunt or uncle that wants contact with an absent family member? 
Let The Mediation People help you repair broken relationships and look to the future with a smile. 

Military Family Mediation 

Living in a military environment can bring additional stress factors to family life: there are constraints to family life that those outside the military might not understand. 
Let us help you to navigate through one of the most difficult times in your life and support you to find the solution that suits your family. 

Community Mediation 

Do you have unresolved disputes with neighbours, landlords, schools, housing associations, councils or local services? 
The Mediation People can help you to live in harmony, with less stress and fewer sleepless nights. 

Workplace Mediation 

Would you like to reduce absence percentages, improve productivity and help your employees feel listened to and valued? Making Mediation available could be your answer to a more fulfilled workforce. 
Let The Mediation People help your employees resolve their differences, issues and conflicts; get them back to work swiftly, get them producing excellent results once again. 

Employee Mediation 

Are disputes between employees making your workplace unpleasant to work in and reducing productivity? 
The Mediation People can help your employees come to a mutual, lasting outcome and return your workplace to a more productive, healthy state. 

Start your mediation journey 

We can help you reach an amicable decision and move on to a better place in your lives. 
Friendly & Impartial Mediation Services 

Your Local Mediation Company 

From our locations across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire & Leicestershire, we can help to resolve family, couple and employee issues to name a few. Our mediation team work around your busy schedule including evenings and weekends to ensure that we can accommodate you. 
Unlike many other mediation companies, the Mediation People are a family-run business with genuine experience of divorce, separation and bereavement. We have a wealth of experience in different circumstances including workplace disputes, relationship issues and childcare problems. 

Experienced Mediators 

Our mediators are accredited and will support you throughout the mediation process with care and consideration. For more information or to arrange your initial mediation consultation, please do not hesistate to contact us today. 
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